CUI32Stem Grove Dash Kit

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Introduction The CUI32Stem GROVE Dash Kit is made up of a CUI32Stem board together with an assortment of GROVE elements, as listed below.


CUI32Stem Dash Kit. A high-resolution version of this images is available here (CUI32Stem Dash Kit).

1 - CUI32Stem board 1 USB Host connector (you can choose whether to put it on the top or bottom of the CUI32Stem, it has footprints on both sides) 10 Grove - Universal 4 Pin cables 1 Grove - I2C 3-axis Accelerometer 1 Grove - Potentiomter 1 Grove - PIR Motion Sensor 1 Grove - Sound Sensor 1 Grove - I2C Touch Sensor (with 4 Feelers) 1 Grove - Collision Sensor 1 Grove - Piezo Buzzer 1 Grove - OLED Display 128*64 1 Grove - 80cm Infrared Proximity Sensor 1 Grove - Light Sensor Features Includes a small assortment of Grove elements that plug onto the CUI32Stem - no soldering required - allowing for quick and easy 'sketching in hardware'. This means design ideas can be very rapidly prototyped, tested for desired functionality, interaction modalities, etc...

Application Ideas Examples coming soon!

Application1 Application2 Application3 Specifications Usage Hardware Installation Programming Includes important code snippet. Demo code like :

Demo code { }

Support Ask questions on Seeed forum.

Version Tracker Revision Descriptions Release v0.9b Initial public release 16,Aug,2011

Resources Schematic in Eagle file Schematic in PDF Demo code Chip datasheet(optional)

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