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This is a unique ring– it has a florid body with 24 controllable LEDs. Maybe it will drive the inspiration out of you to make a glowing magic ring! There is a 1*1 square hollow-out in the middle of this module, where you can place a Grove Encoder in and make it a rotary visual encoder!

300px-Circular LED back 副本.jpg

300px-Circular LED.jpg


Circular shape 24 LEDs, about 5.5 mA drive current for each channel. Controllable LEDs with florid effects Grove Interface. Schematic

800px-Circular LED schmatic.jpg


Item Min Typical Max Unit Voltage 4.5 5 5.5 VDC Current / 5.5 for each LED mA Dimension Ring Form:4.5 diameter mm Net Weight 12 g Interface

500px-Circular LED Interface 副本.jpg


Hardware With the definition "CircularLED circularLED1(10,9);" in the demo, please connect this module to the D9 Grove Connector of Grove base shield with the 4- pin Grove cable. You can also connect the "Yellow" signal to D9 and "White" to D10 with jumper wires. Software Please download the CircularLED lib and test this module withCircularLEDtest example. You can click here to learn how to upgrade the sketches.

Circular LED shining.gif

Please also refer to the Grove-Encoder to learn more about this module.

File:Circular LED v0.9b.pdf