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The Grove – DMX512 is a adapter from Grove interface to DMX512 interface(industry standard EIA-485 interface. The module is based on SN75176 chip which can balance transmission lines and meet ANSI Standard EIA-485 interface. Now it is convenience to control stage lighting and DMX512 console for Arduino.

500px-DMX512 01.jpg 500px-DMX512 01.jpg


Grove Interface and standard EIA-485 interface Easy to use Strong practicability Usage

Arduino can easily control DMX512 device by using the Grove - DXM512 module. Take the LED crystal magic ball light as an example. The Specific Operation as follows: Connect Grove interface of Grove - DMX512 to D3 port of Grove - Base Shield and plug Grove - Base Shield to Arduino. Connect DMX512 interface of Grove - DMX512 to the DMXIN interface of the LED crystal magic ball light using a DMX cable. And power for the LED crystal magic ball light. Set the LED crystal magic ball light to DMX512 control mode. The control panel display "A001" at the moment.

600px-DMX512 Usage.jpg

Download File: DmxSimple Library and Unzip it into the libraries file of Arduino IDE by the path: ..\arduino-1.0.1\libraries. Open the code directly by the path:File -> Example ->DmxSimple->Fadup1. You can see a interesting scene. Try to change code for your enjoy.