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Grove - FM Receiver is a wideband FM receiver module, this module is base on SX6119, it can offers true single-chip voice FM receiver, which is built-in amplifier, VCO, filter and demodulator. The multifunction button provides greater convenience for users to control.

Features Grove interface FM receiver with a tuning range of 64 MHz to 108 MHz covering Eastern Europe (OIRT), Japan, Europe and US bands Lower power consumption Multifunction button LED Indicator Headsets interface Interface Function

①:Headsets interface:It can drive 16 ohm or 32 ohm earphone or audio。 ②:Multifunction button :Change volume and select channel Center:Open FM/Close FM(Keeping press 1S) Up:volume add Down:volume sub Left:searching down Right:searching up ③:Grove Interface ④:LED Indicator FM Close:LED off FM Open:LED light FM Searching:LED flash Usage1) Part lists:Grove - USB Power, Grove - FM Receiver, Mini Cable, Audio