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The Geiger Counter Grove module is the base board for the J408γ Geiger–Müller Tube or other kinds of GM tube working at about 400 volts. With the geiger tube, you can make a simple Geiger Counter. It is useful for you to measure the radiation level of your local environment roughly.


Geiger counter.jpg Features

Grove compatible interface LED indicator Pulse output Application Ideas

Nuclear radiation detection Random Number Generator Cautions

Some parts of the module has a high voltage of 400V. So pleased be careful when you use it. But because of the high internal resistance, even if you touch the high voltage you won't be hurt seriously. Schematic

It is the schematic, the circuit about Eagle resource like .pdf should linked here in order to avoid memory exhausted. Specification

Key Specification Items Min PCB Size 4.0cm*6.0cm Interface 2.0mm pitch pin header IO Structure SIG,NC,VCC,GND ROHS YES