Grove - Mega Shield

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Arduino Mega1280/2560 compatible Grove compatible Google ADK compatible Dimensions: 92.8 mm X 57.2 mm.

Function Block

The purpose of the Grove - Mega Shield is to allow easy connection of Xduino Mega/Google ADK input and output pins to the Grove units.

Each socket is clearly labelled with its matching I/O pin. the Grove - Mega Shield can be divided into four sections: Reset Button, Analog Area, Digital Area and Power Area.

Please consider the following diagram:


The Digital Area of Grove - Mega Shield can also be partitioned into four sections according to different function of GPIO: IIC( 3 connectors ), UART( UART0-3 ), PWM ( PWM2-13 ) and ICSP( not connector ). Please be aware that PWM have two ways of appearance: 3Pin 2.54mm Header and our standard 4Pin 2mm connector. Those two forms of appearance serve different purpose, 4Pin 2mm connectors can connect to our standard Groves while 3Pin 2.54mm Header can connect to Servo, Ultra Sonic range measurement module and Electronic Bricks. Please be aware that When using 3Pin and 4Pin modules on PWM at the same time, Do take extra attention in case of multi-using the same GPIO. Please refer to the following diagram: