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Grove - NFC Tag is a highly integrated Near Field Communication Tag module,this module is I2C interface,which base on M24LR64E-R,M24LR64E-R have a 64-bit unique identifier and 64 -Kbit EEPROM.Grove - NFC Tag attach an independent PCB antenna which can easily stretch out of any enclosure you use, leaving more room for you to design the exterior of your project.

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Working Voltage:5V or 3V3 Working Current<1mA Effective range<2cm Serve for contactless communication at 13.56MHz ISO 15693 and ISO 18000-3 mode 1 compatible 64-bit unique identifier (UID) Read Block & Write (32-bit blocks) Grove I2C Interface Usage

Read/Write by Mobile

Download NfcV-reader for Androud and install it

We can Read/Write it by Mobile

NFC Tag 1.png

NFC Tag 2.jpg

NFC Tag 3.jpg

NFC Tag 4.png

Control LED

Hardware Installation

Grove - NFC Tag Photo.jpg

Download NfcV-reader for Androud and install it Download NFC Tag Librename it to NFC_Tag_M24LR6E and put it into Arduino's library . Open Arduino IDE. If Arduino IDE is already opened, restart it. In Arduino IDE, click menus: File -> Example -> NFC_Tag_M24LR6E -> ledControl Now,you can control LED by you phone.

  1. include "NfcTag.h"
  2. include <Wire.h>

NfcTag nfcTag; int led = 5; bool flag = false; bool preFlag = false; void setup(){



void loop(){

 flag = nfcTag.readByte(EEPROM_I2C_LENGTH-1) == 0xff?true:false;
 if(flag != preFlag){
   Serial.println("get remote NFC control signal!");
   if(flag == true){
     Serial.println("led will light up!");
     Serial.println("led will turn dark!");
   preFlag = flag;