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Grove - Serial Camera Kit includes one control board and two interchangeable lenses, one is standard lens and the other is wide-angle lens. It's a great camera for Arduino centered image recognition projects, because 30W pixel wouldn't be overwhelming for Arduino, so that real-time image recognition is possible. To make it more fun and playable, lenses of two specs are shipped in this kit. The standard one is for common photo shots and the wide-angle one is specially suitable for monitoring projects.

400px-GSCK Introduction.jpg


Input Voltage: 5V Pixel: 300,000 Resolution: 640*480, 320*240, 160*120 Uart Baud Rate: 9600~115200 Communication: RS485 and RS232 Photo JPEG compression, high, medium and low grades Optional AGC Auto Exposure Event Control Automatic White Balance Control Focus adjustable Demonstration

This demo will show you how to use Grove - Serial Camera Kit. We need a, an SD Card Shield and a Grove - Button. When the button pressed, we take a photo and save it to SD Card. Follow the below steps step by step, you can easily run your Grove - Serial Camera Kit. Then let's go.

Hardware Installation We can find that there are two Grove interfaces on SD Card Shield V4.0, so we needn't a Base Shield, just plug Button to I2C Grove and plug Camera to Uart Grove.

GSCK Hardware.jpg

Download Code and Upload You can download demo code in github, click here

Then upload the code, and it works.

Take a Photo After finish uploading demo code, we can take a photo now, just press the button, then wait for a few seconds, a photo will be saved to SD card. The following image is the ceiling of my office use straight angle lens.

GSCK 60.jpg

Replacing a Lens There is another wide-angle lens, I will show you how to replace it. Firstly you should have a screwdriver:

GSCK Step1.jpg

Then, unscrew the screws on the side of lens:

GSCK Step2.jpg

Try rotating the lens, it can be screwed out:

GSCK Step3.jpg

We use the wide-angle lens to take a photo, also, it's the ceiling of my office! Find anything different from the ceiling image previous?

GSCK 90.jpg

How To Focus Lens screwed different depths represent different focal length, you can have a try.