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Grove - Touch Sensor enables you to replace press with touch. It can detect the change in capacitance when a finger is near by. That means no matter your finger directly touches the pad or just stays close to the pad, Grove - Touch Sensor would outputs HIGH also.


Operating Voltage: 2.0 - 5.5V Operating Current(Vcc=3V):1.5 - 3.0μA Operating Current(VDD=3V):3.5 - 7.0μA Output Response Time: 60 - 220mS Used Chipset: TTP223-BA6

Option features AHLB TOG LPMB MOTB SLRFTB RST Q OPDO Output Active High / Low Toggle mode Power Mode Max. On Time Sampling length RESET PIN CMOS Output Open Drain Mode V V 0 1 1 X V X Active High Disabled LOW Infinite 1.6 msec N/A Present N/A


With Arduino Touch LED.jpg This demo is going to show you how to turn on/off an LED. Demo Code:

const int TouchPin=9; const int ledPin=12; void setup() { pinMode(TouchPin, INPUT); pinMode(ledPin,OUTPUT); }

void loop() { int sensorValue = digitalRead(TouchPin); if(sensorValue==1) { digitalWrite(ledPin,HIGH); } else { digitalWrite(ledPin,LOW); } } With Raspberry Pi 1.You should have got a raspberry pi and a grovepi or grovepi+. 2.You should have completed configuring the development enviroment, otherwise follow here. 3.Connection Plug the sensor to grovepi socket D4 by using a grove cable. 4.Navigate to the demos' directory:

  cd yourpath/GrovePi/Software/Python