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Grove - LED is designed for the beginners of Arduino/ to monitor controls from digital ports. It can be mounted to the surface of your box or desk easily and used as pilot lamp for power or signal. Its brightness can be adjust by potentiometer.

Grove - LED.jpg

There are four products which can light different colors. They have the same work principle. [图片]


Grove compatible interface 3.3V/5V Compatible Adjustable LED orientation Adjustable LED brightness Specification

Item Description LED Control Mode Digital Pin of Arduino Working Voltage 5V Supply Mode Grove Interface Usage

With Arduino Here we show how to use Arduino to control the state of the LED. 1. Connect the LED to Base Shield's digital port 2 with 4pin Grove Cable.Of course you can change to other valid digital ports if it's necessary and the definitions of the port should be changed too. 2. Plug it onto the Arduino/ Connect the board to PC using USB cable.


3. Copy the demo code to your sketch, then upload to Arduino or board. Please click here if you do not know how to upload. You will see the LED blink every second.

  • File Name  : GroveLEDDemoCode.ino
  • Author  : Seeedteam
  • Version  : V1.1
  • Date  : 18/2/2012
  • Description  : Demo code for Grove - LED

  1. define LED 2 //connect LED to digital pin2

void setup() {

 // initialize the digital pin2 as an output.
 pinMode(LED, OUTPUT);     


void loop() {

 digitalWrite(LED, HIGH);   // set the LED on
 delay(500);               // for 500ms
 digitalWrite(LED, LOW);   // set the LED off

} With Raspberry Pi Connect the LED to Port D4 and power on the Raspberry Pi, using the Grove wire connector. This is a test to make led blinking. You can connect to GrovePi+ with it as the picture below.

GrovePi+ green led.jpg

  1. GrovePi LED Blink example

import time from grovepi import *

  1. Connect the Grove LED to digital port D4

led = 4

pinMode(led,"OUTPUT") time.sleep(1)

while True:

       #Blink the LED
       digitalWrite(led,1)		# Send HIGH to switch on LED
       digitalWrite(led,0)		# Send LOW to switch off LED
   except KeyboardInterrupt:	# Turn LED off before stopping
   except IOError:				# Print "Error" if communication error encountered
       print "Error"

Run The Program Find the path to the file(According to your own path)

  cd GrovePi/Software/Python/

Run Program

  sudo python

Version Tracker

Revision Descriptions Release v1.1 Initial public release Mar 29,2012